My name is Rin, but some people have nicknamed me "Rinidinger" since I am one of Heimer's assistants.

I am not apart of the League, but I do try my best to be of some help! I am a female Yordle from Bandle City, but I moved to Piltover to attend the Yordle Academy and assist Heimer and others in their research.

Anyways, It's a pleasure to meet you! So... whatcha' waiting for?
Ask me anything! Though please be patient, I do have a lot of work piled up!


cutey Tristana :D For Uniichan <3 

Kawaii Rammus loves everyone, but not as much as his cacti!

((Trying something different and simple, ideas for keychains and stuff! Special thanks to my patreon “Moe” For all his love and support. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE MOE MOE I LOVE YOU BRO. FOREVER MY RAMMUS))

Riven.. a warrior like no other. I think she is a fabulous person, probably, somewhere deep down. I’ve never really met her. I’m not sure if I want to!

And thanks to all of you, too. Let your fire burn bright!

((free art giveaway, and the winner, Brandheart, wanted Rin making a heart with her hands, but also having a flaming heart with it. Enjoy!))





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(dude man bro is the best really, tho)

Battle Bunny riven! Coming to kick your face in because STOP MESSING UP HER BAR, GOD.


((More commissions :D))

Okay guys, well.. here it is! MY PATREON PAGE TO KEEP ME GOING AND MAKING MORE CONTENT! Including more for you! Comics, free give aways, art give aways, the whole kit and caboodle. And no, that doesn’t mean for JUST patreon people. This helps me make content for EVERYONE!!!

It will be developed more and have more as I hit goals, so stay tuned! If you could point out any problems or fixes I could do, please let me know! Thanks in advance! This really, really, really helps out!

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Popstar Ahri chibi!

Pew pew pew!

… I dunno, I got nothing to say to the fox lady.

((Commission 1/3 chibis! Next up, Battle Bunny Riven!))

What's with all the sudden Rin X Pairings?

I DON’T KNOWWW THE INTERNET LOVES TO DO THIS STUFF *kicks a rocket out of anger* 


Second Annual 5v5 Tournament Draft held on Summoner’s Rift during the weekend of 18 July 2014. The competition will be held on the NA servers with 28 teams chosen at random. It’s a great chance to win some awesome League of Legends merchandise and RP!

This tournament is collectively sponsored and hosted by:

pharafax printsFacebook

WednesdayWolf: Etsy



Rin’s Yordle ShopTumblr


Epoch Trends: Etsy

WolfSpirit Creations: Etsy

Weague of Wegends: Youtube

TeamNeville: Etsy 

Raspbeary’s: Tumblr

Mink and Mango: Tumblr

Streamed By TheBloodyAugust

Also get a chance to win some awesome prizes just by reblogging this post or sharing on Facebook. A winner will be chosen at random when the tournament is over. Registration, prizes, and schedule below!


  • Must have a team consisting of five(5) level  30 players on the NA account.
  • Three(3) substitutes maybe given for any one team.
  • A player cannot be on more than one team. That includes substitutions.
  • Please make sure all team names are appropriate and that everyone follows the Summoner’s Code.
  • Must reside within NA. We will only ship prizes to NA addresses.


Sign-ups are now open and will close July 16th at 8pm PST/11pm EST.

To register, please send an email to pharafax@live.com  with the following information. Emails missing information will not be eligible. Put “Tournament Registration: (Team Name)” in subject line. Also add Second Eden on the LoL client.

Team name

Team Line-Up (IGN)

Substitutes (IGN)

Emails for all members of team.

You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is complete.  The 28 teams chosen at random will be posted and notified via the registration email.

After registration closes, you will have two(2) days to respond confirming your team’s intent to compete.


(18 July 2014)  First Qualifier Round (Single Elimination)

(19 July 2014) Second Qualifier Round (Single Elimination)

(20 July 2014)Semi-Finals and Finals

Losing Team in the Semi-Finals will be placed in a Lower Bracket.  Winner of the lower bracket will win second place.

Semi-Finals and Finals will be streamed by TheBloodyAugust.


First Place Prizes:  Winner of the Tournament

Each player on the winning team who played the final round of the upper bracket will win one of the following each for a total of five sets of prizes.

WednesdayWolf (Print)

pharafax (choice of mousepad or 2  prints)

PuppyBaoCreations (etched shot glass and decal)

ThekawaiiOD (Poro Charm)

ChampSelectPrints (choice of print)

Rin’s Yordle Shop (button)

Mink and Mango (Charm)

Raspbeary’s (Mousepad or Keychain)

$25.00 RP Card

Second  Place Prizes: Winner of Lower Bracket

Each player on the winning team who played the final round of the lower bracket will win one of the following each for a total of five sets of prizes.

pharafax (mousepad or 2 prints not chosen by first place)

PuppyBaoCreations (etched shot glass or decal )

Rin’s Yordle Shop (button)

Epoch Trends: (decal)

WolfSpirit Creations (Poro cupcake charm) 

Mink and Mango (Charm)

Raspbeary’s (Mousepad or Keychain not chosen by first place)

Reblog Entry Prize

TeamNeville (2 bracelets)

Epoch Trends (T-Shirt)

pharafax (mousepad)

Mink and Mango (Sheet of Stickers)

Raspbeary’s (Mousepad and Keychain)

Weague of Wegends (Poro Charm)

$10 RP Card

Tournament, prizes and conditions are subject to change. 


Reblogging for updated information! :D