My name is Rin, but some people have nicknamed me "Rinidinger" since I am one of Heimer's assistants.

I am not apart of the League, but I do try my best to be of some help! I am a female Yordle from Bandle City, but I moved to Piltover to attend the Yordle Academy and assist Heimer and others in their research.

Anyways, It's a pleasure to meet you! So... whatcha' waiting for?
Ask me anything! Though please be patient, I do have a lot of work piled up!

Well sadly you can't get to know the Artificer because he is dead! But perhaps you could find out more from an acolyte, he seems to have been quite a genius himself.

I knew he was long since, but I’ve heard his name before. I’ll have to look into it!

Always wondered if the professors main lab is publicly or privately funded? has he made any headway into more durable turret technology?

Oh he’s made absolute super models of the turret, but the league won’t allow him to use it. The large turret they finally allowed him to use under his ult is one of his WEAKEST builds…. probably for a good reason. He’s.. a gentle person, but I swear he’s a bit bonkers deep down. As for the funding, he’s a bit of both, I think. The league I think was funding him for a while for being a champion, but he also gets money from working at the Academy.

Hello?! Oh! Rin right? I, ehm... I need a work, I resigned from the league, so... can you have something for me?

I… can’t really employ you, since I’m employed myself under Heimer.. uhhh… and I have no money… Maybe we can get you settled somewhere around here, though?

Have you ever worked with Jayce? I hear he's quite the looker.


"Why is piltover so special, why do all the 'famous' inventors have to be there to be known, they never say anything about 'that guy from another plane and built himself a badass laser-shooting-robotic-arm to replace the arm he lost in an explosion'"

Most like-minded people come together to bounce ideas off of one another. Piltover just happens to be the place where most of us go. You still hear about a few outside of Piltover, but the majority come here to share thoughts and their creativity.

Janna pulls out her microphone, "Greetings miss Rin! I was wondering how you got involved working here in the city of progress." Pointing the mic back down to the yordle.

*stares at the mic for a while, moves in to talk into it but bumps her nose on it* …… Er.. uh. I uhm… I came here for school? My family has always been into tinkering with bits and baubles so I kind of picked it up from them, then decided to go to college here.

How much of Heimer's work are you allowd to disclose? Err, what is he working on know?

He’s mostly working on some cleaner energy sources for Piltover right now, along with a side job of working with Corki on improving his plane. The rest I really don’t even know how to describe. It’s….. unique? It’s.. okay it’s over my head, I have no idea what it is.

Hey Rin. Does Heimy ever get influenced by Ziggs h explosives? I mean, he's got that Grenade of his.

Heimer had his grenade before Ziggs came around. But.. he does seem a bit more chaotic than normal since he came along….

So how'd you handle that giant attack in Bandle? You were probably younger when it happened I wager.

Giant attack in Bandle….? Which… uh… *thinks for a while* care to elaborate?