My name is Rin, but some people have nicknamed me "Rinidinger" since I am one of Heimer's assistants.

I am not apart of the League, but I do try my best to be of some help! I am a female Yordle from Bandle City, but I moved to Piltover to attend the Yordle Academy and assist Heimer and others in their research.

Anyways, It's a pleasure to meet you! So... whatcha' waiting for?
Ask me anything! Though please be patient, I do have a lot of work piled up!

(( OOC: This game. SO MUCH FUN. I also got a hilarious double kill on Teemo earlier too, where fiddles came UP to gank me… ran into my HUGE MUSHROOM FOREST OF HELL, nearly KILLED himself on his own, then I flash in, kill him, then kill Nasus who ran to save him and ALSO stepped on two mushrooms, lol!  God I love playing Heimer.. GOD I LOVE YORDLES. Great team work guys!))