Rin: The Assistant Yordle

Rin: The Assistant and her adventures in Runeterra!

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Sorry it took so long! I got extremely busy over the last few weeks, but finally, here is all the fan work for the lowelo.com contest we held! 

Super HUGE thank you to everyone who entered. Picking was SUPER hard. We eventually began to pick by a point system in: Originality, thumbnail look (for the podcast), detailed (art) look, relativity to our content, and over-all favorites. Based upon the total scores ranking, we were able to create an even system to determine the winners!

Still, all the entries were AMAZING and gave us a good 3+ hour discussion on skype before we were able to pick!


((In order from left to right, top to  bottom: P4nD0R4, Thereisnosaurus, WayneStAmand, Pikahiiri, RosettaRose, Slayer2202, Wisherex (x2)!))

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