My name is Rin, but some people have nicknamed me "Rinidinger" since I am one of Heimer's assistants.

I am not apart of the League, but I do try my best to be of some help! I am a female Yordle from Bandle City, but I moved to Piltover to attend the Yordle Academy and assist Heimer and others in their research.

Anyways, It's a pleasure to meet you! So... whatcha' waiting for?
Ask me anything! Though please be patient, I do have a lot of work piled up!


So a few weeks ago, Mundo approached me, held me by the toes, and told me I MUST Draw him teaching “Other silly young champions of the League to be like Mundo”. Then he held a cleaver to my face and said he’d eat all my cupcakes. SOOOOOOOO…

((I got to draw something for Riot, that’s why I’ve been so absent! I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE THE OUTCOME OF THIS! I PUT A BUTTLOAD OF TIME AND DEDICATION TO IT! :D))

COME JOIN THE CONTEST! Check out the requirements HERE: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3676510

Enjoy, summoners!