My name is Rin, but some people have nicknamed me "Rinidinger" since I am one of Heimer's assistants.

I am not apart of the League, but I do try my best to be of some help! I am a female Yordle from Bandle City, but I moved to Piltover to attend the Yordle Academy and assist Heimer and others in their research.

Anyways, It's a pleasure to meet you! So... whatcha' waiting for?
Ask me anything! Though please be patient, I do have a lot of work piled up!

This fork, I’ve had since FOREVER. It’s the BEST TOOL ON THE PLANET. You can EAT with it, you can undo screws, hit people, and even BRUSH YOUR HAIR if you need to!

This thing has SAVED my life! Seriously!

I don’t go ANYWHERE without my fork!

It’s a valuable utensil AND tool!! Don’t leave home without one!!